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2023 Summer Collection

The Westside Co. 2023 Summer Collection.

I am currently writing this at 2am, the day of the drop while smoking the finest in Jamaica. I came out here before the drop to focus my mind and bring my son Kymani to my old neighbourhood. So far it's been great. Hopefully you follow me on IG to see the trip. 

This collection is inspired by one of my favourite brands. Prada. Now I won't lie, I don't know much about their history, but what makes them my favourite is the luxurious simplicity of their pieces. I wanted to create our own version of this. Even though we don't have access to the materials and craftsman as they would, we always do out best with what we have. We ended up making the button up shirts from scratch, which we are very proud of. If you haven't already, check out our commercial on our IG: TheWestsideCo . 

I first got inspired by styling Kymani for his birthday in April. He was turning 11 and instead of having a bday party, he said he wanted to have a classy dinner with the family. So, as the Dad I am, I got to design and style and outfit for the occasion. Thats how the button shirt and pants were made. I posted a pic and my DMs were flooded. I knew it was time....

The rest of the pieces we sourced from local and foreign manufacturers. And, as always, everything is printed and embroidered in house.

These pieces will have you looking fly and different from the crowd. 

If you read all of this, Dm me on IG : Westside.Ras and ask for a discount code. I got you. Just mention the blog.  

2022 Fall / Winter Women's Collection

 Women have literally raised me my whole life, 4 big sisters and mom. All I lived with in my family home was women and it shaped who I am so much today. Til this day, women are one of my biggest supporters. And if you look around in this world , you'll see how important women are.


 I wanted to dedicate something specifically for women. I wanted to design some pieces that brings out beauty but power with our street style. After working on some samples, I had some fittings and it was like magic. For the shoot, I used some friends who all our dope creatives. Anika and Yandji make music, Jasmine is a boss who works with artists and creatives, Danika started modelling with us and has been killing it every shoot. After that , I think it was ready.

ALL WOMENS COLLECTION. This may seem like a small thing but for someone who has no backing in fashion, or design. I am super proud of what we created this time. 

The collection features a cropped puffer jacket in 4 colour options. Black, Chocolate, Topaz and Cream. All with our signature style, tone on tone embroidery on the left chest. I designed this look because the looks to me, as street and powerful. A women who can have confidence to wear bold fashion pieces and blend it with their own style is so unique these days. I want to promote it. 

The second piece in the collection is a fitted bodysuit. Also in the same colours as the jackets. These pieces have our logo printed in the centre of the chest. A simple but yet graceful piece. Easy to wear for every day or dress it up for that outing. This is a great piece to have in your closet. 

Some collections make me really look back and remember where we came from though. I remember when I started designing, I'd always be trying to make the best thing I could ever think about, which sounds good. But when you're trying to make pieces to please everyone and be the best, it will drive you crazy or make you not want to design at all. One thing I learned in life, is that once you start a journey, you may have a vision of what the end looks like. In reality, it's a vision of the direction you're headed in, but the end result will bring you places that you never thought you'd be. Along the way you will figure everything out. I know, I still am. I truly believe, as long as you stay on your job and try to stay positive in this crazy world, you'll get to that vision.

Collection is available October 26th at 10am EST time

2021 WAREhouse sale

The Westside Co. Streetwear Clothing Women Kids Men Toronto Mississauga Brampton Canada Oakville Scarborough Milton Sauga New

Is there an item we dropped in the past you missed, this is your one chance to get it and on sale.

This is our first annual warehouse sale and we want to give back to our community by giving our people a chance to purchase their favourite pieces from the brand on discount. We are also collection non-perishable food items to donate to a local shelter.


Everything that is in stock will be on sale from either 25%,50% or 75% off regular price.

This will be a two day sale only.

To enter, one non-perishable food donation is required.

We just want to show love to our community.

Covid protocols will be in place to keep everyone safe.

Masks are required.

2020 summer collection

Inspired by Michael Jordan and the Last Dance Netflix Documentary, The Westside Co brings to you the 2020 Summer Collection. The collection started with one shirt, the NBA Icon Chicago Tee. From there spread to the 3 other shirts, which features people that played the great sport of basketball that impacted me the most. Toronto/Carter, obviously being home, Los Angeles,Kobe, Philadelphia/Iverson. With these shirts, I wanted to honour who inspired me and those around me.

The last collection I designed, I dropped the first shoe. A Nike AF1, inspired by and a tribute for the late great Nipsey Hussle. Someone again, who majorly inspired me from design and business and about life. For this collection I wanted to design a Jordan 1. Being as, a Jordan 1 High silhouette is very high priced in this market, I wanted to create something my people could afford easily. The choice was clear, the Jordan 1 Low. The tan paisley check is inspired mainly from the collection itself. Neutral colour ways, simple design, with a flare. ( usually my design style ). The check , only being on the left side of the shoe, symbolizing the westside. All together we have a unofficial collaboration.

The last piece I want to speak on is The Westside Community Hoody. Community is something I stand on, family, friends, love and loyalty. When you see any product from this brand with Community in it, with each sale, we will be giving back to the community. Stay tuned to see where the funds go. As we make this public everytime.

Check out the rest of the products from the collection. I hope you secure your size in what you want, as pieces are available only once. 

- Kaiya Lazarus / @Westside.Ras 

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